Building a brand to your most important audience—the people who sell your product.

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For over 20 years, Dalton+Anode has helped Bridgestone solidify its brand and introduce new products to its independent dealers through their Consumer Tire Business Meeting.

Every year, Bridgestone invites hundreds of its independent dealers for two days of learning about the industry, new products and new solutions to attract customers, sell in-store and run their dealerships.

Getting this crowd fired up every year is a new challenge every time.

Dalton+Anode works closely with Bridgestone developing scripts, producing the show (staging, graphics, videos, animations, music, crew, securing keynote speakers, helping with A-list talent, etc.) at some of the most prestigious hotels and venues in the U.S.

Bridgestone continues to be the leading tire maker in the world. Its group of independent dealers is among the strongest and most loyal in the industry.


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